Let Your Pet Join The Party: Paw-lymorph's D20 Dog Dice

When you’re deep into the storytelling, role-playing, and action-adventure of your Dungeons & Dragons campaign, you don’t just have to play with human party members! Here at Paw-lymorph, we are committed to sharing the magic and excitement of tabletop gaming with plays of all species, including your four-legged familiar. Let us help you incorporate your pet into your campaign with our nerdy dog toys, namely the D20 die dog toys available in several colors.

Our dog toys not only make for the perfect dungeon master (DM) gift, but they are perfect for making your dog a part of your tabletop gaming group. Learn more about how you can help him or her join the party and shop all our Paw-lymorph nerdy dog toys now!

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Include Your Dog in Your Tabletop Gaming Adventures

Whether you play on a weekday or weekend evening, it’s exciting to leave the real world behind for a bit and dive into the fictional world of your tabletop game. But as your adventuring party embarks on your quests, follows the dungeon master’s storyline, and slays enemies, your dog back in the real world can feel left out! Paw-lymorph can help you incorporate your pet into the adventure with our D20 dies for dogs and other nerdy dog toys. These 100% food-grade rubber toys are perfect replicas of your playing dice and will last through all your game.


Create A Real-Life Animal Companion

Although our D20 die dog toys make for the perfect display piece — perfect for setting alongside your figurines, art prints, and other nerdy possessions — they can also help transform your pet! The class of your tabletop character may not have an in-universe animal companion, but our nerdy dog toys can provide you with a real-life dog to follow you on your adventures. Choose the perfect easy-to-clean D20 die dog toy for your beloved pet and watch him or her play while you continue your campaign.


Keep Your Dog Involved, Even When You're Gone

If you’re not hosting your entire D&D party and are instead going out for your adventures, Paw-lymorph’s nerdy dog toys can still help keep your dog involved! Even if you’re leaving your animal companion behind this time, our D20 dies make for great interactive toys for dogs home alone. Each of these toys is durable and comes equipped with a treat dispenser for added stimulation. Your dog can loot their own gold and stay occupied while you play with your other party members.


Help Your or Your DM’s Dog Level-Up

Our D&D campaign’s animal familiars can still level-up and improve their game without ever creating a character sheet! The nerdy dog toys from Paw-lymorph can reward your dog for all his or her efforts in playing around with the built-in treat dispenser. Our D20 die dog toys are also perfect dungeon master gifts and can be used as a real-life game die for your four-legged party member. Once the session is over, simply place the toy in the dishwasher and it’ll be ready for the next time your party meets!

Include Your Dog in D&D With Paw-lymorph

Paw-lymorph is excited to help you make your dog feel like a part of your nerdy interests! Our D20 die dog toys are designed to provide safe, long-lasting, and interactive fun for your dog while you roll your own dice and enter a world of fantasy. Whether you’re looking for interactive toys for dogs home alone or dungeon master gifts, you’ll find it here with us.

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